Mathematics Tutoriing In Haverhill$25(Haverhill, MA)

I am a Professor of Mathematics for Merrimack College and Bristol Community College. I am also an online/virtual/remote tutor for Chegg Tutoring. I am particularly strong with upper level mathematics, including: 1) Linear Algebra 2) Differential Equations 3) Entire undergrad Calculus Sequence 4) Abstract Algebra 5) Number Theory 6) Discrete Mathematics 7) Statistics Additionally, I have very strong facility with academic related technologies including mathematics software programs such as Maplesoft, Matlab, TI graphing calculators (TI83, 83+, 84, 89, Voyage 200 and Inspire) and the Casio Classpad. I also design complex, 3 dimensional images using Maplesoft mathematics software. These images have been on display all around the world including Germany and the US. Finally, I should mention the fact that I am a composer and guitarist, having garnered critical recognition over the years, mostly within the more serious guitar and modern composers communities.